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Off-the-Shelf and Custom Injection Molding Services for Rubber and Plastic:
Cable Molded Boots
Power Cord Strain Reliefs
Strain Relief Bushings
and more

Custom Cable Assemblies & Insert Molding for:
Computer, Medical, Industrial and Aerospace markets

RoHS Compliant Cables

Overmolded Cable Company – Molded Cables, Custom Strain Reliefs, PCB Overmolding

Overmolded Cable CompanyWe offer molded cables, custom strain reliefs, and smart cables with PCB overmolding to OEMs and cable assembly companies. On-site training is available to assist in the development of cable in-house capabilities. Our company can become your "overmold engineering department".

Our engineers have extensive knowledge on overmolding electrical and electronic connectors across the board, and over the years we supplied numerous companies with molded cables and custom strain relief solutions, at very competitive prices.  Here are some of the key products and overmolding services we provide:

  • Custom  Strain Reliefs and Flex Reliefs, Grommets, Cable Grips, Bushings, Junctions
  • Custom design cable molds to your specific requirements
  • Great diversity of cost savings in-stock molds
  • Custom Strain Relief engineering support
  • Customer materials - Labor only projects
  • Custom logos and color matches
  • Molded Cables involving embedded electronic  circuitry
  • PCB Overmolding
  • Custom Overmold  Tooling
  • Molded Cable Design and PrototypeSmall & medium production runs

Technology Consulting - Overmolded Cables

Custom MiniFit Molex Medical CableWe help our customers with outsource overmolding technology and the know -how needed to adapt the application to fit their industry. Our experts provide consulting, on-site training, tool design and development, along with engineering and technical support to help companies develop their own in-house overmolding capabilities.

We provide our worldwide customer base with molded cables and custom flex reliefs across all industries:  medical, electronics, military, space, telecommunications, computer, etc. With more than 2,500 molds in stock  and 1.5 million off-the-shelf strain relief products, we are position to provide you significant cost savings on any of your molded cables projects.

Unique Overmolded Cable Designs

Transition OvermoldWhat makes us unique is that customers can contact us with their product needs in the most abstract or undefined way.  Our engineers work together with the customer to evolve the product idea into a design for a molded cable or custom strain reliefs, and finally a prototype.  At that point the customer has the option of getting the Molded Cables or Custom Strain Reliefs manufactured elsewhere. "We develop custom designed service tool solutions for customers, and they can take the prototype elsewhere to get it produced…"  "When customers find us, many of which come as word-of -mouth referrals, they're pleased with our services because we offer a wide range of solutions from which to pick -and choose. The company's unique resources improve efficiency and time market, while providing significant cost savings."

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