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Off-the-Shelf and Custom Injection Molding Services for Rubber and Plastic:
Cable Molded Boots
Power Cord Strain Reliefs
Strain Relief Bushings
and more

Custom Cable Assemblies & Insert Molding for:
Computer, Medical, Industrial and Aerospace markets

RoHS Compliant Cables

Cable Molding Services and Cable Assembly Overmolding

Our company is a leading edge provider of cable molding services / outsource overmolding technology and know how. The company provides consulting, tool design and development, application engineering and technical marketing support to OEM and cable assemblies companies requiring the development or expansion of insert overmolding capabilities. The company, through its design guide in conjunction with state of the art, 3D cadware on-line catalog of cable assemblies, strain and flex relief tooling, is a true, value added partner. Our position is unique within the interconnect and custom molded cables industry.

Custom D-Sub Module with Bannana Jacks

Custom Oanek Mount SR

D-Sub Cable

Custom Overmold HiRel Connector

Sample Strain Relief

3D Online Configurator for Cable Strain Reliefs and Grommets 

We can custom build, custom mold, and over-mold your cable designs. We specialize in custom cable assembly overmolding. Our cable manufacturing operation and cable molding services are focused on a broad spectrum of cables and adapters to supply the specific needs of our customers across all industries. We have developed a tradition of high-tech engineering, prototyping, quality manufacturing, and very competitive pricing.

Molded / overmolded cable assemblies last longer than assembled cables and allow custom logos and proprietary designs. Using only the highest quality cable and components and the most advanced cable molding services, manufacturing equipment and tooling, we are ready to provide you our customer with cable assembly overmolding and other cable molding services that will satisfy even tyour most exacting requirements.

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