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Off-the-Shelf and Custom Injection Molding Services for Rubber and Plastic:
Cable Molded Boots
Power Cord Strain Reliefs
Strain Relief Bushings
and more

Custom Cable Assemblies & Insert Molding for:
Computer, Medical, Industrial and Aerospace markets

RoHS Compliant Cables

Molded Cable Assembly Tooling, Custom Over-mold Tool Design

Our company is the recognized leader in overmold tooling design and development. With over 25 years of custom insert molding, specifically in the commercial electronics, medical, computer, industrial, automotive, marine and instrumentation markets, the company has expertise hard to find within the interconnect industry.

The company is an active participant in expanding the use of over-molded and molded on connector, strain and flex relief designs. Overmolding remains a desired art within the industry and we hold the key to successful and rapid prototype and design with complete vertical integration and in-house tooling and design. The company's innovative 3D online overmold design tool is an industry first.


Molded Cable Assembly Tooling 


Custom Molded Cable Assembly Tooling

Our extensive and unique expertise in the cable overmold industry allows us to provide our customers with custom over-mold tool design of the highest quality anywhere and at a price made possible only by the most advanced molded cable assembly equipment and 3D design software. We design molded cable assembly tooling to the most demanding specifications. Our custom overmold tools will improve product aesthetics by minimizing sinks and flow lines, and will ruggedize your molded cable assembly. Our leadership position in the industry testifies to our advanced expertise in custom over-mold tool design for the widest variety of strain reliefs, strain relief fittings, flex reliefs, grommets, and bushings.

Our team of highly skilled specialists allows us to easily provide the overmolding service for either your pre-made assembly, or take your project on a turnkey basis from concept to custom over-mold tool design and then finally to a molded custom cable assembly, perfectly matching your requirements.

With both low pressure molding and injection molding capabilities, we can provide molded cable assembly tooling solutions that will incorporate and protect fragile components such as PCBs, flex circuits, active devices, and ferrites into your finished over-molded cable assembly. An extensive inventory of mold tools is available in house, offering our customers the potential of substantially reduced custom over-mold tool design costs.

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