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Custom Molded PCBs, Overmolded Cables with Embedded Electronic Circuitry

Overmolded PCBA With Multiflex Strain ReliefOur company is a leading supplier of custom molded and overmolded printed circuit board( PCBA) assemblies. Embedded circuitry within an over-molded assembly is cost effective solution to many discrete methods of packaging. Improved strain and flex relief and lower costs are many times possible. An alternative to more costly potting and low pressure injection molding, molding around electronic circuitry is a specialized area and requires an integrated approach from electronics and board level design considerations throughout the final assembly and test process.

Over-molded Cables with Embedded Electronic Circuitry

The aesthetic appeal is one of the key attractions of overmolding embedded electronic circuitry, Tactile feel and functional ruggedness under mechanical stress and harsh environments are also significant advantages. Add improved functionality and reduced cost, and custom molded PCBs and overmolded cables with embedded electronic circuitry represent the winning solution for today's OEMs.

IP67 Printed Circuit Board Assembly Overmold Design Custom Printed Circuit Board Overmold


Let's consider a PCB as an integral part of an interconnect cable. The conventional way to fabricate this product is to create a two-piece enclosure to protect and hold the PCB. Each cable, attached to either side of the device, has a discreet board-mount connector for cable attachment. In addition, a molded-on strain relief is required for the cable exit.

Custom Molded PCBs

With an molded PCB design, the cable can be soldered directly to the PCB, thereby eliminating both the material cost for the connector and labor for termination. In addition, for almost the same labor required for molding a strain relief on the cable, the entire PCB can be over -molded. Significant cost advantages come from the labor and material cost reductions. This combined with significantly reduced tooling cost and more rapid product introduction helps original equipment manufacturers lower the production costs as well as the time to market.

Advantages of Custom Molded PCBs and Overmolded Cables

  • In general, overmolding a PCB device is a practical approach when the size of the PCB is no larger than 4 X 4 X 1" and it has a cable attached.
  • Reduced cost and lead time for tooling
  • Elimination of connector for cable attachment to PCB
  • Improved strain relief for all overmolded cables with embedded electronic circuitry
  • Durability and mechanical resistance to shock and vibration of overmolded cables
  • Environmental sealing of all embedded electronic circuitry
  • Security of internal devices
  • High aesthetic appeal of over-molded cables with embedded electronic circuitry

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