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Off-the-Shelf and Custom Injection Molding Services for Rubber and Plastic:
Cable Molded Boots
Power Cord Strain Reliefs
Strain Relief Bushings
and more

Custom Cable Assemblies & Insert Molding for:
Computer, Medical, Industrial and Aerospace markets

RoHS Compliant Cables

Overmolded Cable Assemblies and Molded Strain Reliefs: Overmolding Connectors, Grips, Bushings, and Grommets

Overmolded Circular with Mold KeyAs a well established manufacturer of overmolded cable assemblies, our company offers superior cabling products with molded strain reliefs, overmolded connectors, cable grips, bushings, clamps, junctions, and grommets built to customer specifications, in quantities and lot sizes that other company's find difficult to service. This includes complete over-molded cable assemblies manufactured to your specification or overmolding connectors only, with your material or your cable assemblies.

Molded Strain Relief Products for the Cable Assemblies

We provide wire management products, such as molded strain reliefs or flex reliefs, and grommets, both in standard / off-the-shelf varieties as well as custom design strain reliefs. You can order various combinations, based on the grommet style, cable diameter, rib style, slot thickness, slot shape, inner flange, and color. You can design your own products with our 3D On-Line Configurator.

Custom Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Over-molded cable assemblies are our specialty.  Our team of design engineers draws on decades of experience with overmolded cable assemblies and provides you, our customer, with custom assemblies capable of withstanding the rigors of harsh environments, mechanical stresses, and high repetition movements. Our quality control team ensures that all  custom overmolded cable assemblies are designed, manufactured and tested according to the most stringent specifications.

Working with ISC provides you with significant and unique advantages:

  • Custom Circular High Flex Strain ReliefShort runs that other companies shy away from
  • Engineering consulting
  • Overmold technology transfer & training
  • Strong R&D /Services
  • Cable assembly design & prototype services
  • Custom overmolded cable assembly services
  • Custom Logos & Custom colors
  • Expert tool design
  • Materials research & testing
  • Source traceability
  • Inventory management


PCB / Embedded Circuitry Molding for Overmolded Cable Assemblies
Using state of the art molding capabilities, we engineer and develop leading edge embedded circuitry over -molded cables and overmolded SMT/ML PCB's, switches and sensors. We have a long tradition of designing and over-molding electronic components and have achieved a clear leadership role in the field.

Tools Design for Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Custom and standard over-mold tools are engineered and designed with the most advanced technology available . These tools are built for machines such as Newbury, Autojector, Ameriplas, Multiplas, etc. Solidworks brings current solid modeling and design capabilities to current technology CNC and EDM equipment. Our ultimate goal is to provide you our customer with the highest quality overmolded cable assemblies, shortened lead-times and most competitive costs.

From Training to Turnkey Overmolding Services

TPE Strain Relief Zytel BodyWe provide cable molding services to OEM and cable assembly companies. The services range from training our customers in doing their own molding, to molding customer assembled cables, to complete turnkey projects. On-site training is available to assist in the development of in-house capabilities. Our company can become your "overmold engineering department" and can provide quick turn-around, high quality, US molding FOR ALL COMPANIES THAT DON'T DO MOLDING.

For the most secure custom cable assemblies with overmolded strain reliefs, durability and a long, useful life. Contact ISC Engineering today!

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