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Off-the-Shelf and Custom Injection Molding Services for Rubber and Plastic:
Cable Molded Boots
Power Cord Strain Reliefs
Strain Relief Bushings
and more

Custom Cable Assemblies & Insert Molding for:
Computer, Medical, Industrial and Aerospace markets

RoHS Compliant Cables

Turnkey Molded Cable Manufacturing Services / Outsource Overmolding Technology

Cable Strain Relief, Grommets, Bushings, Fittings, Junctions,
Clamps, Cable Grips, Molded Cable Assemblies

We are a leading edge provider of turnkey manufacturing services / outsource overmolding technology and know how for Cable Strain Relief, Grommets, Bushings, Fittings, Junctions, Clamps, Cable Grips and Molded Cable Assemblies.

Our company can provide a Turnkey Manufacturing solution  that includes all of the necessary elements to be in the overmolding business. We have completed over 30 outsourcing programs with an installed base of more than 50 machines.

IP67 Mil-Spec with Integrated Dust Cover


Complete Cable Overmolding Capabilities

Our company provides consulting, on-site training, tool design and development, as well as engineering and technical marketing support to assist you in the development of in-house overmolding capabilities.

Developing overmolding capabilies is a difficult process for most cable assembly companies. Our continued efforts to streamline and simplify the downsides of in-house development, now includes a turnkey package (Request a Quick Quote), with an initial low cost of entry and substantial capabilities.

Overmolded PCBA With IP Rated Connnectors


Our company's application engineering and support package can provide the sustaining engineering and know -how to provide the catalyst for a successful long term program. On-site training is available to assist in the development of your in-house capabilities…We can become your "overmold company" of choice. Over the years we have developed a proven track record to assist companies in the development of leading edge solutions to OEM challenges in the interconnect and custom cable assembly industry.

Standard and Custom Mold Designs and Tooling
Unique Service through Flexibility and Rapid Response

One of the problems facing the custom overmold community is tying together the front end of a new product design to the back end production. So often, the assembly works, the mold is correct and the part looks ok, but the part does not work.

Custom D-Sub Module with Bannana Jacks


We have addressed this issue by providing vertically integrated design and development processes, from concept through initial production stages, providing turnkey tooling and product designs that work. This coupled with Outsource assistance to vertically integrate, customers can get the best of both worlds. Quality product development and assistance to develop manufacturing capabilities wherever it is they need to be.

3D Overmold Design

We employ cutting edge technology in our overmolding projects. The company's innovative 3D online overmold design tool (Click Here) is an industry first. Each mold is profiled in our molding machines, for optimum set-up, including injection speeds, shot size and temperature profiles.


We also provide material suggestions for molding compounds. Our expertise will help you go from concept to finished product in record time and at minimum cost. We can take responsibility for the entire project or just place our prototyping and molding expertise at your disposal.


Turnkey Molded Cable Manufacturing Services


Outsource Overmolding Technology 


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